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航空物理学もくもく会 / Aerial Physics Self Study Session


//English below//

1. 航空物理学もくもく会とは?

2. 誰が来るの?
オーガナイザー(Ryosuke Goto)含め、飛行機や空の世界が好きな人が来ます。

3. どんな風に過ごせばいい?

4. 発表ってしなきゃいけない?

5. 参加費用は?
当日はInternational open dayにつき、この日は無料です!

1. What is Aerial Physics Self Study Group?
The attendees are supposed to study subjects about aerial vehicles in a scientific or engineering perspective by themselves. We don't have an instructor.

2. Who will come to the event?
Those who love airplanes or aerial subjects like the organizer (Ryosuke Goto

3. What I can do at the event?
Please bring study materials like aerial engineering books you can rent at the library or your laptop to search, then let's get refreshed by learning exciting knowledge.

4. Do I have to present?
No, but We appreciate if you mention what you learn at the event just before we close it.

5. How much is the participation fee?

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