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Work Space + Community =

SWEET WORK is a Coworking Space sharing location with a historical bakery & cafe surrounded by rich nature at Shinshu Matsumoto. 

In a free open environment, you will be able to work comfortably while finding new colleagues. We are continuously crafting a community where everybody can collaborate, innovate and develop new ideas and businesses. 

At SWEET WORK we connect with each person and bring companies together in a creative workspace to work in new different ways.


0263-32-6082 (fax)

Ote 4-1-13, SWEET NAWATE Bldg. 3F
Matsumoto City, Nagano Pref.

M-F 9–19
Sa-Su Close


Opening Hours: 9 am - 7 pm M - F / S, S & National Holidays closed

We offer various plans that adapt to your lifestyle as daytime and premium memberships (no time restrictions), Ticket system and Drop-In plans. 

If you would like to host an event, please contact us for more information. 


Electricity(0円)・Internet(0円)・WIFI(0円)・Stationery(0円)・Photocopier(A4B/W 10円、Color 50円)FAX(50円 p/p)・Projector(1000円)Screen(0円)・Speakers(500円)・Mic(500円)Dining Kitchen(Regular Use 0円, Events check fee)・
Free Drinks(0円)・Free Bread(0円)

Mail reception, Address registration and Phone line(Please, check fees and requirements)


Since the foundation of SWEET in Seattle, 1913. A pioneering spirit has been always part of our long history. 

We want to share this spirit and open a window of possibilities to create new businesses and cross-collaboration. 




SWEET WORK is a creative workspace that connects each person and each company with a new way of working. Ideas and inspiration are shared among all the members in SWEET WORK creating new concepts while empowering each other. We want to cultivate a space where everybody can create and make the world enjoyable. 


Work Space


SWEET WORK has a total space of 200 m² and is located next to the Yohashira Shrine. From the window, you can see the Metoba River and the Japanese Alps.  Our grass-like area and dining are spaces free of shoes allowing to work in a more relaxed atmosphere, where new friendships and collaboration can be born. 



SWEET Co. Bakery was founded in  Seattle, 104 years ago. The current location at Matsumoto was opened in 1923 and the current president is the fourth generation continuing the business. SWEET was the first bakery to produce Frech bread in Nagano prefecture. Pastries like curry bread or vegetable buns have been selling over 50 years thanks to their unique flavour.  During the celebrations of the 100th anniversary, a new store was opened in Azumino commemorating the long history of the bakery.   



Matsumoto & Alps

Matsumoto City is the second largest city in Nagano Prefecture with a population of  240,000 people located in the centre of Japan. It is surrounded by beautiful nature such as the Japanese Alps and rivers flowing from the surrounding mountains. Every year tourists visit Matsumoto Castle, a national treasure, and different historical sites like the original Kaichi Elementary school. Also, Kamikochi and Utsukushigahara are popular destinations for hiking and outdoor activities. 

Coworking at downtown Matsumoto


We are located 12 minutes away on foot from Matsumoto station and just 5 minutes from the famous Matsumoto Castle.

The historical SWEET Co. Bakery & Cafe is open on the 1st Floor offering traditional bread and international dishes.

Also next to us you will find the power spot of the "Four Pillar Shrine". In the surrounding area, different cafes and restaurants are crowded with many tourist and locals throughout the year.  



1~15 minutes on foot

  • Matsumoto Station        12
  • N. Matsumoto Station   15
  • Yohashira Shire             1
  • Matsumoto Castle        5
  • Matsumoto Cityhall     5
  • Post Office                    5
  • City Art Museum           15


2~4 minutes on foot

  • Hachijuuni Bank  
  • Nagano Bank
  • Shinkin Bank
  • Mizuho Bank
  • Resona Bank


6~10 minutes on foot

  • Inoue Department Store
  • Parco
  • Aeon Mall
  • Daily Yamazaki 
  • Family Mart


2~12 minutes on foot

  • Southern Cross Inn
  • Marunouchi Hotel
  • Hanatsuki Hotel
  • Ikedaya Hotel
  • Buena Vista Hotel